Unfortunately, the counselor did not report Isabel’s story to Children’s Protective Services, and the judge did not believe it.  He believed Larry, who swore that Jane was forcing Isabel to tell lies about him – which fit the judge’s theory that when a child accuses a charming professional man like Larry of sexual abuse, it is seldom true.  He believed that such a child is being manipulated by a hostile and malicious mother, and that she is the one that is harming the child.  Worst of all, he believed that the only way to “cure” the harm is to isolate the child from the mother and forcibly “unify” the child with the accused father.

So for nearly three years, poor little Isabel lived with Larry, speaking to her mother by phone once a month, silently enduring what he demanded of her, and blaming herself.  After all, Larry had warned her not to tell anyone about his “games”, but she had told Jane anyway, and wasn’t that when all the trouble began?   Every month she asked her hopeful question, waiting for the day the answer would be, “I’m coming, baby.”  And finally, it happened.  Jane had found Justice for Children, whose attorneys successfully reunited her with Isabel, at first for weekend visits and finally, with full custody.  The judge was voted out of office, the counselor was reprimanded for not reporting Isabel’s outcry of abuse, and Larry no longer has access to his young victim.  In fact, he has just recently relinquished his parental rights.  In another strange twist to this case, the father’s attorney committed suicide.

Isabel is now 14, and on her way to healing.  She has a B+ average and enjoys being on her high school’s lacrosse team.  She may never heal completely, but she has a chance at a happy life thanks to Justice for Children and a persistent mom who never gave up on her child.

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